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Friday, June 17, 2011

The ABC's of this week

Been a couple of busy weeks. I had a great audition with Apple Core Theater's new production of By The Dawn's Early Light, a part of two one-acts by Mel Nieves. The auditon went great and I have a call back for tomorrow. Mel, Walter Hoffman and the rest of the Core folk were very, very nice.

Wednesday I had a meeting with Marci Phillips the head casting director at ABC. She was nice and gave me the space to stumble through my material. It was great finally meeting her at the ABC office. Last time I was there was and audition for the TV version of Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun where I had a callback for the role of Joseph Asagai.

Next week I'm participation in a workshop at CBS with Fern Orenstein, CBS Casting Vice President.

I also had a couple of auditions for some shorts this week which are all scheduled to shoot over the summer, so stay tuned for more developments.

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